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Travelator Cleaning

Using purpose built equipment from KARCHER, Smart Services can provide the same high quality service to those establishments that have travelators as they supply to those with escalators.

Step cleaning

An important part of the overall impression of any office or retail establishment is the appearance of the escalators, a building may be scrupulously cleaned but let down by the condition of the escalator steps. This is equally true after any refurbishment when a final deep cleaning should always take place.

As you will appreciate because of the difficulty this is task that requires specific machinery and personnel to obtain the best results. At Smart Escalator Cleaning Services we operate the ROTOMAC 330. This is the only automated machine in the world to simultaneously scrub and dry steps and risers in situ, leaving the escalator ready for immediate use.

Step Demarcation lines

These are the yellow painted lines showing travellers where to safely stand. They are generally painted down the side and along the back edges to guide the user away from any possible hazards. They are also occasionally painted along the leading edge of a step. With the yellow lines the movement of the steps becomes more obvious to the visually impaired.

Once your steps have been thoroughly cleaned the step demarcation lines can be added.


Over a period of time the handrails can become dull and loose there lustre, safety features become lost under a coating of grease and dirt, we can strip this away then reseal and apply a polish to return them to an as new appearance.

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We operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week so we would be able to schedule the escalator cleaning to accommodate your requirements.

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