Escalator Cleaning Services

Smart Escalator Cleaning Services

We use state of the art ROTOMAC equipment to quickly and safely clean your escalator. These machines have been specifically designed to automatically scrub and dry both the treads and risers and so remove the build up of oil, grease, dirt and liquids which collect on the steps with everyday use and , which, without proper cleaning and removal can pose a safety risk.

Our escalator cleaning system cleans by doing what no other machine can do. It is fitted onto a stationary escalator, sprays a measured minimal amount of chemical solution onto the step and riser, which is then agitated onto the surface by brushes to soft to cause any damage to either the aluminium or anodized and painted surfaces, but hard enough to remove tough dirt and grease.

The solution has been specifically formulated for use on all types of escalator. Dirt is removed by chemical action combined with gentle but effective friction from the brushes which also serve to transport the dirt into a collecting tray from where it is removed by vacuum to a holding tank.

The escalator surfaces are left clean and dry with no risk of contamination to the operating systems or electrical circuits. All sand, dirt, grease, liquids etc which can combine to form a harmful paste in the escalator system are removed.

By providing a minimum of two technicians at every cleaning operation it means that concentrated effort can be applied to any areas of heavy soiling, the steps can be individually examined to remove any foreign matter that may be lodged between the fins and which could cause damage.

Once the escalator has been cleaned and examined the ROTOMAC cleaning machine is removed and the final stages of the clean can take place. The footplates are thoroughly cleaned; this involves the removal of chewing gum, toffee and street dirt etc quite often by hand before they are cleaned with specialist solutions and materials.

The glass balustrades are cleaned with professional window cleaning solutions and finally the stainless steel side skirts are cleaned.

This attention to detail ensures that when the clean is finished the appearance of the escalator is as near to "as new" as possible.

As well as undertaking "one-off" cleans for example when a store or office block has been refurbished, SMART SERVICES also provide a service for regular contract cleans. This is normally carried out at six monthly intervals however in areas of heavy soiling more frequent cleans can be scheduled.

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