Escalator Cleaning Services

Smart Escalator Cleaning Services

Welcome to Smart Services

Smart Services provide a nationwide 24/7 service specializing in the thorough deep cleaning of escalators.

By using the latest equipment and chemicals combined with highly trained technicians we are able to provide a service whereby your soiled and dirty escalators are returned to a clean and pristine condition.

This is achieved without the necessity of removing the steps and thus avoiding any down time and customer inconvenience.

Our escalator cleaning system cleans by doing what no other machine can do. It is fitted onto a stationary escalator, sprays a measured minimal amount of chemical solution onto the step and riser, which is then agitated onto the surface by brushes to soft to cause any damage to either the aluminium or anodized and painted surfaces, but hard enough to remove tough dirt and grease.

As well as undertaking "one-off" cleans for example when a store or office block has been refurbished, SMART SERVICES also provide a service for regular contract cleans. This is normally carried out at six monthly intervals however in areas of heavy soiling more frequent cleans can be scheduled.

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